2023 Conference Proceedings

This proceeding contains some of the oral and poster presentations from the 4th National Big Data Health Science Conference (Columbia, SC, Feb 10-11, 2023) that was organized by the University of South Carolina Big Data Health Science Center (BDHSC). Proceedings of the 4th National Big Data Health Science Conference* were published on November 23, 2023, on BMC Proceedings, which is an online, open-access journal publishing proceedings of conferences across all scientific and clinical disciplines, including peer-reviewed full-length articles, collections of abstracts, and meeting reports. Conference proceedings are available at https://bmcproc.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12919-023-00281-y, as well as the pdf file on the image above.

*Citation: Proceedings of the 4th National Big Data Health Science Conference. BMC Proc 17 (Suppl 19), 32 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12919-023-00281-y

List of Abstracts


I1 Introduction: Proceedings of the 4th National Big Data Health Science Conference Xiaoming Li, Bankole Olatosi, Miranda Nixon

Oral Presentations O1-O28 

O1 PDBMine, a Tool for Improving the Performance AlphaFold

Hamed Abdollahi, Niharika Pandala, Homayoun Valafar

O2 Big Data Health Science Case Competition: Impact and Outcomes
Dilek Akgun, Audrey Auen, Bankole Olatosi

O3 Automatic Segmentation of Vasculature in Computed Tomographic Angiograms Using Deep Learning
Alireza Bagheri Rajeoni, Breanna Pederson, Susan M. Lessner, Homayoun Valafar

O4 On the Use of an Automated, Reproducible Binning Approach to Bring Consistency in Calibration of Predictive Models built on Electronic Health Records
Madhusree Chowdhury, Richard Jordan

O5 Using Random Forest Classifier to Identify Important COVID-19 Patient Characteristics Predicting Mortality in South Florida
Debarshi Datta, Safiya George Dalmida, Laurie Martinez, David Newman, Javad Hashemi, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Connor Shorten, Candice Sareli, Paula Eckardt

O6 Identifying associations between hotspots of social determinants of health needs, community-based organizations and healthcare resource use
Reid DeMass, Stella Self, Caroline Rudisill, Deeksha Gupta, Anna Chupak, and Darin Thomas

O7 Who is your prenatal care provider? An algorithm to identify the predominant prenatal care provider with claims data.
Songyuan Deng, Samantha Renaud, Kevin J Bennett

O8 Epitweetr: development and implementation of a tool with AI components to monitor Twitter trends for early warning of threats to public health
Laura Espinosa

O9 Using label-free two-photon microscopy and deep learning image processing to assess the chondrocyte viability of articular cartilage
Hongming Fan, Pei Xu, Zhao Zhang, Bruce Gao, Tong Ye

O10 Predicting Surgical Outcome in Epilepsy with Diffusion MRI
Dai Fang, Carrie McDonald, Leonardo Bonilha, Yuan Wang

O11 Application of Machine Learning in Predicting Breast Cancer Patient Outcome
Ali Firooz, Savannah M. Noblitt, Julie Martin, W. Jeffery Edenfield, Anna Blenda, Homayoun Valafar

O12 Disparities in mental health service utilization among immigrants in the U.S. using geospatial big data
Fengrui Jing,  Zhenlong Li, Shan Qiao, Huan Ning, Jiajia Zhang, Bankole Olatosi, Xiaoming Li

O13 Using Semantic Web Technology to leverage interoperable clinical decision support system rules: A pathway to interoperable patient records
Xia Jing, James J. Cimino, Dean F. Sittig, Hua Min, Yang Gong, Richard D. Boyce, David Robinson, Paul Biondich, Adam Wright, Christian G. Nøhr, Timothy Law, Arild Faxvaag, Nina Hubig, Rohan Goli, Karthik Nedunchezhiyan, Akash Shanmugam Boobalan, Samuil Orlioglu, Chloe Crozier, Lior Rennert, Ronald Gimbel

O14 Leveraging smartphone technology to enhance patient-centered HIV care and treatment services in Nigeria’s most populous city: The Jolly-95 app experience
Dimgba K. Kalu, David I. Udanwojo, Yewande I. Bamgbade, Obioma A. Azurunwa, Abimbola S. Phillips, Pius I. Christopher-Izere, Francis O. Ogirima, Collins O. Imarhiagbe, Bolanle O. Oyeledun

O15 Youth-Focused Tobacco Prevention through a novel advertising, sales, and social media tracking dashboard
Jaron Hoani King

O16 Prognostic Models for Sepsis Built on Small Datasets
Chunyan Li, Lu Wang, Kexun Li, Hongfei Deng, Yu Wang, Li Chang, Ping Zhou, Jun Zeng, Mingwei Sun, Hua Jiang, and Qi Wang

O17 The Utility of a Bayesian Predictive Model to Forecast Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus Disease in the United States, 2022
Maggie S. J. McCarter, Stella Self, Kyndall C. Dye-Braumuller, Christopher Lee, Huixuan Li, Melissa S. Nolan

O18 Using smartphone-based place visitation big data to improve health measure estimation
Huan Ning, Zhenlong Li, Fengrui Jing, Shan Qiao, Xiaoming Li

O19 Underrepresented Minorities (URM) Academic Career Development and Data Science Applied to Health Luncheon
Miranda Nixon

O20 Leveraging Electronic Health Records for Big Data Research
Jihad S. Obeid

O21 Leveraging the Continuity in Treatment dashboard analytics to retain Persons Living with HIV on ART care and treatment in Nigeria- The Lagos ART Surge Experience
Idowu G. Oluwasola, Obioma A. Azurunwa, Ikponwonmsa Omogun, Collins O. Imarhiagbe, David I. Udanwojo, Abimbola S. Phillips, Bolanle O. Oyeledun

O22 Harnessing big heterogeneous data to evaluate the potential impact of HIV responses among key populations in generalized epidemic settings in Sub Saharan Africa: The Boloka Data Repository
Refilwe Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya, Edith Phalane, Katharine S. Journeay, Haley I. Sisel, Claris Siyamayambo, Betty Sebati, Francois Wolmarans, Katherine Rucinski, Amrita Rao, Kalai Willis, Xiaoming Li, Bankole Olatosi, Stefan D. Baral

O23 The Incidence and Evolving Risk Factors of Diabetes Among People with HIV– A Population-based Cohort Study
Gazi Sakir Mohammad Pritom, Xueying Yang, Haoyuan Gao, Shujie Chen, Jiajia Zhang, Bankole Olatosi, Xiaoming Li

O24 Association between patient-provider shared decision-making and use of pain-related complementary and integrative health modalities among adults with chronic noncancer pain, 2010-2017
Yiwen Shih, Peiyin Hung

O25 Deep Learning for Sleep Staging in Rodents
Andrew Smith, Snezana Milosavljevic, Musa Azeem, Courtney Wright, Ana Pocivavsek, Homayoun Valafar

O26 Race and Risk:  A Bioinformatic Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease
Loni S. Taylor, Gregory Gibbs, Bishnu Sarker

O27 Exploring Racial Disparities in Colorectal Polyp Characteristics at Screening Colonoscopy Using Machine Learning Approaches
Yuqi Wu, Dezhi Wu, Nabil Natafgi, Chao Cai, Sudha Xirasagar

O28 Identifying a group of factors predicting cognitive impairment among older adults
Longgang Zhao, Yuan Wang, Eric Mishio Bawa, Zichun Meng, Jingkai Wei, Sarah Newman-Norlund, Tushar Trivedi, Hatice Hasturk, Roger D. Newman-Norlund, Julius Fridriksson, Anwar T. Merchant

Poster Presentations P1-P18

P1 Trends in prenatal care utilization among women with childbirths in South Carolina during 2016 – 2020: a retrospective study
Syeda Shehirbano Akhtar, Peiyin Hung

P2 Building a Research Database to Investigate and Promote Medical Students’ Community Engagement Efforts
Darby Billing, Elise Kao, Jason Li, Alyssa Guo, Jennifer Grier, Lauren Fowler, Jennifer Springhart

P3 Use of a Cascade Strategy to Infer Chronic Hepatitis C Follow-up within an Infectious Disease Surveillance System
Andrew T Broadway, Marya S Barker, Nicholas V. Resciniti

P4 Developing an ethical framework-guided metric tool for assessing bias in EHR-based big data studies: A Research Protocol
E. Graham Caulk

P5 Disparities of Length of Hospital Stay in Fall-Related Injuries in South Carolina
Nihan Fila

P6 Socio-Economic and Marital Status Differences in the Uptake of HIV Testing in Tanzania: Analysis of the 2016-2017 Tanzania HIV Impact Survey
Salome-Joelle Gass, Peiyin Hung, Jan Ostermann

P7 Hypoglycemia Associations with Antidiabetic Agents: A Pharmacovigilance Study of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS)
Julia Geith J, Ryan Gourdine, Chengwen Teng

P8 XHealth: Data Science Prerequisites to Harnassing Big Data in Healthcare: Vectors Over Scalars
Stephen C. Lloyd

P9 Identify Factors Associated with Emergency Department Visit Rate at ZCTA Level
Zichun Meng, Songyuan Deng, Kevin Bennett

P10 “You Want to Use My Data?!?”: How can Patient Engagement and Outreach Enhance Big Data Analytics?
Ariana Mitcham, Conor O’Boyle, Ginny Cartee, Katie Parris, Ann Blair Kennedy, Nabil Natafgi

P11 Annual Compliance with Colorectal Cancer Screening in Medically Underserved, Uninsured South Carolinians
Omar Mushtaq, Lisa Scott, Tracie Lewis, Becky Eaddy, Frank Berger, Troy Herter, Annie Thibault

P12 Exploring the Social Determinants of Health in 29203
Catherine O’Leary, Mark E. Humphrey

P13 Tackling Healthcare Access by Simplifying Access to Actionable Data
Samantha Renaud, Qian Huang, Songyuan Deng, Samantha Slinkard-Barnum, Kevin J Bennett

P14 Influenza Vaccination and Climate Change in the American South
Ebony Allen Toussaint

P15 Multitask Learning for South Carolina’s Prenatal Maternal Care
Edward Tsien, Dezhi Wu, Ana Lòpez-De Fede

P16 AI-based mining of biomedical literature: Applications for the drug repurposing
Aliaksandra Sikirzhytskaya, Ilya Tiagin, Joe Magagnoli, Tammy Cummings,  Michael Wyatt, Scott Sutton, Ilya Safro, Michael Shtutman

P17 A Bayesian spatial scan statistic for normal data
Laasya Velamakanni, Yuan Wang, Alexander McLain, Stella Self

P18 The dose-response associations between physical activity and cognitive function in older Americans in different demographic subgroups
Fanli Yi, Carlos Avalos,  Chelsea Richard, Chih-Hsiang Yang