The National Big Data Health Science Conference is a signature annual event of the Big Data Health Science Center (BDHSC). This 3rd annual conference will include innovating plenary sessions, panels, and workshops that emphasize the role of interdisciplinary collaboration in Big Data applications and advancements in the health sciences.

The UofSC BDHSC was funded by the UofSC Excellence Initiative in 2019. Its goals are to leverage the existing expertise and resources in Big Data science and healthcare research at UofSC, promote the utilization of Big Data analytics in healthcare research, academic training, and services improvement, and accelerate the transformation of UofSC into a global leader in Big Data health science. The BDHSC has five strategic objectives: Infrastructural and capacity development; Professional development; Community/industry engagement; Academic training; and Methodological advancement.

BDHSC consists of 5 content cores (Electronic Health Records, Genomics, Artificial Intelligence for Sensing and Diagnosis, Geospatial, and Social Media) and 2 functional hubs (Business/Entrepreneurship and Technology). It has assembled a multi-college, multi-disciplinary group of 50 faculty that conduct cutting cutting-edge research and discovery, offer professional development and academic training, and provide service to the community and industry.

We are pleased to announce the theme of this year’s conference is “Unlocking the Power of Big Data in Health: Developing an Interdisciplinary Response for Health Equity”

This event offers an exciting data science experience in healthcare open to undergraduate and graduate students at United States colleges and universities

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